This year, MaMA dedicates
a pitching session to

your innovative project,
product or service.

The 6 services or innovative products for the music industry from international and French companies selected will present their projects in front of a jury of music, technology and media professionals. For the first time, the prize will be sponsored by a qualified and recognized personality from the music industry.

You have a structure of less than 8 years and you propose an innovative project, product or service in the music sector.

The innovant product or service project can be a smart phone application, a software, a web site, a marketplace or an object…dedicated to live music, recorded music, publishing, promotion….
You project can use new technology (AI, VR, blockchain…) but can also based on social innovation.
The innovative character will thus be assessed according to the originality of the entrepreneurial approach in the music sector, to the exclusion of artistic projects.

Selected participants to pitch session will be announced on


MaMA Invent RIFFX pitch session will take place on Friday, October 14th at Trianon Venue in partnership with Music-Tech France.

Selected participants to pitch session will get two delegates pass for MaMA 2023 and will automatically compete for the MaMA Invent Riffx prize which will be awarded to the project that will have seduced the most our jury at the end of MaMA 2022.

The laureate will be supported during one year by MaMA and its partners: demonstration and speech during next MaMA edition, promotion to the French and international musical ecosystem.

Music Tech France

RIFFX MaMA Invent Prize :



Lapee ensures a cleaner, safer, more efficient option for women and people peeing squatting. With Lapee, no more endless lines to the toilets!

Teazit Studio

Une solution tout en un qui simplifie la réalisation et la diffusion de vidéos live multi-caméras, afin de donner une alternative moins coûteuse aux organisateurs d’événements pour réaliser des productions lives professionnelles, sans régie et sans compétences.

Snatch Studio

SNATCH Studio is the online solution to adapt video to any mobile and social formats. Hours of work are won by digital agencies using this simplified post-production tool


MILA is a music-based rehabilitation tool combining neuroscience and multimodal interaction technologies for children with learning disabilities.


Deedo is a Pan African musical streaming plateform. We can explore Deedo catalog by genres and by countries, create playlists, enjoy playlists by DJs and contribute to a social project in Africa.

They were jury:

Denis Ladegaillerie (Believe Digital), Laurence Le Ny (Orange), Jimmy Mikaoui (Marathon Artists / Sushi Venture Partners) Katia Clot (EuropaVox), Julie Knibbe (Soundcharts), Clémence Bizien (Back In The Dayz), Christophe Abric (Blogothèque), Henri Jamet (Believe Digital), Matthieu Rousselot (Tunecore), Jean-Robert Bisaillon ( / Himeta), Jean-François Césarini (French Tech Culture / The Bridge), Elise Phamgia (LiveEurope), Michel Turbot (Sony Music France), Alexandra Jouclard (avocate), Steven Hearn (Scintillo), Marie Georgescu de Hillerin (Les Numériques), Charles Babinet (KissKissBankBank), Stanislas Hintzy (Hinterlocal)…

They pitched to MaMA:

Groover, BlockchainyourIP, Izypay, Anipo, Divercities, Augmented Acoustics, Pims, Soundbirth, Delight, SYOS, Soundsgood, Meludia, PayInTech (ex MyBee Events), Yuflow Events, Simbals, Digital Essence, Current Productions, Transparency Rights Management, Niland, BandSquare, Weezic, WiseBand, Weezevent, +Eazieer, Dualo, Phonotonic …


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